doggy daycare


doggy daycare

- socialisation with furry friends

- confident and well mannered dogs

- an effective, productive outlet for their energy


Drop Off

Play Time

Down Time

Agility & Training

Play Time


Pick Up

become a K9 Anytimer

book an Induction by phone, email or Facebook

bring your vaccination card

drop them off for a minimum of 3 hours

your pup meets our pups

one by one

achieve official K9 Anytimer status!

Our Doggy Daycare is open 7:00am - 7:00pm, 7 days a week!
Swap long hours at home alone for fun filled days of learning and play.

- hours spent alone

- chewing Mum's new sofa for fun

- being under exercised & under stimulated

Our Inductions introduce every new dog to the K9 Anytime environment slowly and properly. Your dog will first meet Kiwi, the Directors' own little black lab, and then be introduced to the rest of the group one by one. Doggy Daycare isn't for everyone, and we are very strict with who passes their Induction, to ensure that your pup will spend their days in only the very best company.

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K9 Anytime is Licensed by Shropshire Council. Mr T. Haynes & Mr L. Bird. License No. 18/00020/BOARD