luxury hotel

Peace of mind knowing your pooch is in the best possible hands, enjoying top quality care exactly as they get at home, with their own little slice of luxury in the Shropshire countryside.

- Mum & Dad worrying while they're away

- noise

- cold concrete & cages

- sitting alone all day & night


- a private luxury bedroom 8x the size of kennels

- room service, reggae & classical music, 24hr CCTV

- 1-1 care & attention from lovely human friends

- unlimited exercise & outdoor playtime

check in for...

All of our rooms are fully furnished with sofas, armchairs, memory foam mattresses, blankets, CCTV and speakers. While we can provide everything your dog will need for a comfy night's sleep, parents are more than welcome to bring as many or as few of their own things as they like. The only compulsory item in your pooch's packing is their food for the duration of their stay.

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K9 Anytime is Licensed by Shropshire Council. Mr T. Haynes & Mr L. Bird. License No. 18/00020/BOARD