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Here comes the sun...

In warm weather, K9 Anytime Doggy Daycare & Luxury Hotel has your pup covered. Even if left in the shade at home with plenty of water, there's nothing stopping them sneaking into the sun for a sunbathe and ignoring (or completely forgetting about!) having a good drink while they're alone. Like us, some dogs love to warm their bones in a comfy sun trap spot, but also need reminding when they've had enough and to keep well hydrated.

At K9 Anytime, our ventilated indoor areas, fresh water on tap, playtime with the hosepipe and close supervision from lovely human company mean that your pups will be safe to enjoy the sun without any danger of overheating or sunstroke striking.

K9 Anytime

Doggy Daycare & Luxury Dog Hotel


TF11 9ES


Wolverhampton | Shrewsbury | Shifnal | Shropshire | Telford

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