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"My Dog Doesn't Need Daycare"

Aha. We've heard that one before. Don’t get us wrong, being able to spend each day with our pups and take them with us on our own adventures is fantastic. It’s why we got our dogs in the first place, right?


Unless your dog is heading out on their own each day, spending some time away from Mum & Dad with a vast variety of dogs of all ages and breeds, spending some time away from Mum & Dad meeting new people in new environments and spending some time away from Mum & Dad, then your dog needs daycare.

We can’t stress enough that we are not dog sitting. We are socialising, stimulating, enriching, exercising, playing, training, confidence and character building, stabilising and balancing your dogs in every way possible. We are the outlet for their mental, social and physical energy, fulfilling each and every one of their needs in a way that's just not entirely possible at home or on regular walks.

Our dogs have spent a lot of time with us over the past few months, as Lockdown and working from home have become the norm. This has been fantastic for us both, spending valuable time together that we’d only dreamed of from our desks before now. But our dogs need more. They need activity, they need independence and they need a jolly good time.

K9 Anytime Doggy Daycare is open 7:00am - 7:00pm 7 days a week.

Get in touch to book your dog’s Daycare Induction today!

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