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What NOT to do for your dog in the heat

We've been hit with a scorcher this week, and it's not just us suffering - imagine putting on a fur coat and heading out into 30C. While many tips and tricks for keeping your dog cool are effective, and it's relatively easy to be sensible about your dog's temperature regulation, there are some simple things which seem right, but are major NoNo's for your dog on a hot day.

1. The Hose

Do NOT soak your dog in cold water on a hot day. This can weigh down their coat and actually impede their body's cooling process and the heat aerating from the skin as it becomes trapped beneath the wet hair, especially around vital organs, which produce a large amount of heat. While they might enjoy the game, water play must be monitored carefully in hot weather. Only ever use cool, not ice cold, water in paddling pools or during playtime, as cooling down from very warm too quickly can cause your dog to go into shock.

2. The Groom

Do NOT shave your dog extremely short in hot weather. Not having enough hair over their skin can actually make them hotter, cause sun stroke, sun burn and skin irritation. Keeping the right layer of hair on your dog allows the air to circulate through it and keep your dog cooler and protected from direct sun. You should not attempt to groom your own dog, and your professional groomer will know the appropriate length best suited for your dog in the weather. If your dog is naturally very short or fine haired, sun cream can be a useful tool in the sun.

3. The Garden

Do NOT leave your dog unattended in the garden for long periods. Serial Sunbathers are at risk of enjoying a steak out in the sun for too long, and left unmonitored can slip into heat stroke very suddenly. Find the coolest spot in your home and set it up for your do to be cool, safe and comfortable. Remember that outdoor shade does not mean cool, and some indoor spaces are intact better suited for your dog in the heat.

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