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K9 Anytime Dog Show Sponsor: NUTRIMENT

Sponsor of the K9 Anytime Dog Show & Country Festival NUTRIMENT take centre stage on the day with an exhibition of their own, event day only deals to redeem in The Pantry at K9 Anytime, outstanding prizes for The Dog Show and more! Over 20 time award winning raw food producer leading the UK market with unrivalled quality, veterinary & nutritional expertise, organic certification, ethical approaches to farming & sustainability, Nutriment is stocked by The Pantry at K9 Anytime for its innumerable health benefits, wellbeing impact and intense nutritional value.

Want to learn more about raw feeding and how it can improve your dog's health and happiness from as soon as tomorrow? Visit The Pantry for FAQs, feeding guides and to place their very first order.

Join the wave of dog parents joining the RAW REVOLUTION to transform their dogs' lives from the very first bowl...


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