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New Puppy Rules: PART 2

You know your dogs best. You know when they need space, when they want to play and when they don't. You know their reactions and their preferences, and you should cater to these accordingly. If you have older dogs who like peace and quiet, be aware of this and be around to give your puppy the attention and playtime it needs and which they might not be able or want to give.

Manage your space well in a way which doesn't allow your puppy to do things which your other dogs won't like, for example not letting him bounce around (or maybe even on!) your other sleeping dogs. Managing your space can be done with stargazes or moveable pens, teaching them where they can and can't go, at what times, around whom and so on without creating any feeling of exclusion with closed solid doors.

Puppies don’t miraculously know perfect manners and positive behaviours, they have to be taught by both us and by other dogs, and you want these lessons to be learnt nicely. Close supervision of your puppy and dogs' interaction will allow you to keep check on any unwanted behaviours and prevent your puppy from causing any stress for your older dogs. If you hear one of your dogs growling and telling the puppy to calm down or stop whatever it is they're doing, check in on what's happening, distract the little one and call them away if needs be.

Managed well and carefully monitored, your puppy can enter your family problem free. Make sure that all of your dogs' needs are being met and it will be a wonderful experience for you, your dogs, and your lucky new pup who gets to grow up around their very own big brothers and sisters.


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