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Puppy Biting

Bite inhibition is teaching your dog how to have a soft mouth and to consciously not use the full force of their bite. This is a very important skills for pup and parent and should be taught before 12 weeks of age.

Playtime should be essential in every puppy’s training. Young dogs learn what is "good" and "bad" behaviour extremely well from other dogs, both for play and using their teeth and this can be much more effective than teaching them yourself. However, if your puppy is biting too much or too hard, you must teach them that it is not appropriate.

Use the following guidelines with your puppy at home:

- When your puppy begins biting or mouthing, make sure playtime stops right away, turning away from them and crossing your arms for a few seconds. continue playing once they have stopped.

- Say "Ouch" when they mouth and lots of praise and fuss when they stop.

- Use a command such as "Gentle" when giving treats, and use your fist to roll the treat out of your hand if your puppy is not using their teeth.

- Put some peanut butter on the back of your hand and praise them for licking it off and not chewing at your hand.

- Teach your puppy a command which earns them a reward for removing their mouth from your hand.

- Give your puppy plenty of opportunity to chew other things appropriately such as toys or treat balls etc. Bear in mind that soft toys might encourage your dog it's okay to chew things to destruction and rip things apart.

If your puppy is biting or nibbling, it's important to not take the view that they are "just playing" and that it doesn't matter to correct them every time, but you should not allow or encourage it at any time. Socialising them at home with family members and other dogs in the home is not sufficient - your puppy needs opportunity to meet many other puppies, adult dogs, humans and environments. Just as with humans, your puppy needs to meet different dogs with different personalities and "languages" in order to know how to behave appropriately with everyone they meet.

A lack of socialisation can manifest in many negative, and often serious, ways in the future, and so it's critical to commit to your puppy's rounded and balanced upbringing.

K9 Anytime Puppy Training Classes cover a wide range of tools you need to help your little one along their way into the world. Our classes welcome puppies of all breeds and sizes to allow your dog to meet, greet and play with a variety of dogs in a closely monitored and safe environment.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page @k9anytime to see when the next classes and courses are coming up!

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