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Slow feeding - what's the rush?

Properly managed ingestion leads to more optimal digestion

While it's fantastic to find food your dog adores, allowing them to gulp down every meal in 3 seconds flat isn't always the healthiest way to get the most benefit out of mealtimes both nutritionally, mentally and recreationally.

Much like us humans, guzzling down a meal quickly can lead to overeating, under-chewing, stomach and digestive discomfort in the aftermath. A slower pace facilitates proper chewing and more effective digestion of each meal, as well as allowing them more enjoyment and stimulation during the process. Dogs that inhale their food are at higher risk of choking, vomiting or diarrhoea, ingestion of excess air and bloat, or in short - a whole lot of discomfort.

Using a slow feeder toy will enhance your dog's mental stimulation at mealtimes, providing a puzzling aspect that they need to wrap their mind as well as their mouth around. The slower they eat, the more properly you will be able to manage their portion control and in turn their weight, as you replace instantaneous wolfing with paced and mindful mouthfuls.

The TOPPL from the Pantry at K9 Anytime is an ideal addition to any dog's diet, providing a wobbly, cavernous and testing alternative to their standard bowl. Fill it with their daily meals and watch them unwind with more relaxed, more beneficial (& more graceful!) meals for their mind & body.


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