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What's happening here?

First things first, watch this video.

While we love to post entertaining canine content, let’s pick apart the playtime, too.

Pictured here is a “scatter feed”, where crushed treats are sprinkled throughout the paddock. As our dogs follow their noses on the hunt for the tiny morsels, what they see as a tasty treasure hunt in fact has many benefits.

1. Learning to share their space. Given the large open area and wide spread, our dogs are able to slowly pursue their own path while gently overlapping and passing others. It’s a great exercise in patience and reason.

2. Decompression. Following periods of activity and excitement, energy is running high. Giving our dogs a task that requires focus & quiet quickly brings those heart rates down and presses “reset” on the group. This helps to encourage down time & rest periods while retaining a satisfying entertainment factor.

3. Olfactory skills. Engaging their instincts and sharpening the senses, scent based games and puzzles are a brain training and highly stimulating activity that fires up their mental muscles. Daycare is a playground for physical, social & mental stimulation, a hat-trick that’s a guaranteed recipe for tired and happy dogs.


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