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Why is my dog barking?

Dogs bark. It's a fact. However barking can range from the occasional to the excessive, from harmless to a serious issue. Just as the classic wagging tail, a dog's bark can have a number of motivations behind it. Your dog's bark can be:





Attention Seeking


Accompanying body language and environmental context are all important factors which will help determine why your dog is barking. Are they at home? Are they with you? Without you? Next to another dog? Far from another dog? And so on and so forth. If their barking has reached an excessive level, recording in what instances your dog barks in as much detail as possible over a period will establish patterns and trends bringing you one step closer to abating the behaviour.

While it is not possible to expect our dogs to not bark full stop, there is certainly a polite and happy medium that is "socially" acceptable and manageable. Once you have established what it is that triggers your dog's bark, the work between you can begin. This is a delicate balance of management, diversion, timing and correctly delivered reward and praise, giving your dog an alternate outlet to whatever emotion it is they're feeling instead of a compulsive bark.

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