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Your dog's allergies

It's not just us humans who get to experience the joys of allergies, especially at this time of year. They can affect all ages and breeds in the same ways as us - inhalation, ingestion, or bodily contact with the offending stimulant.

Symptoms can include: Persistent scratching, ear infections, itchy ears, eyes, or tail, constant licking, chewing on paws, sneezing, skin irritation and stomach upset. While the majority of dog allergies are treatable and not dangerous, symptoms can be uncomfortable or severe and should not go untreated.

Determining what it is your dog is allergic to can be more tricky. It could be food, which would require eliminating aspects of their diet to determine the allergen, pollens, dust, dander, mould, flea and tick preventatives, fleas perfumes or cleaning products.

First determining and then removing the allergen from your dog's environment (if possible) will help to relieve symptoms and your dog's discomfort. Supplements, injections or medications are also available on consultation with your vet, who will be best able to advise the correct course of action and treatment plan for your dog.


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