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So you're housebound, huh? It's time to finally tackle that bad habit of theirs that you just "haven't had time" for with busy life in the way. Now we've been given the time to spend at home with our dogs, and what better way to use it than to learn, bond and train together, keeping your minds busy and learning something new.

Do something for your dog in isolation.

during daycare

When your dog attends K9 Anytime for a day of daycare, you can book private sessions in blocks of 3, 5 or 7 with head trainer Claire Corley (BSc, IMDT).

Planning your goals and classes with her directly, your pup will have been hard at work and making progress during their play day by the time you come and pick them up!

Their session will be filmed on HeadCam and you will receive a full report, videos and guidance for you to work on at home to ensure that you keep up the good work.


one to one

Our One to One Packages are expertly designed for your dog to help you meet your goals from basic obedience to complex behavioural modification. Parents also attend these sessions.

The tailored training experience over a course of private sessions includes written training plans, instructional videos and step by step guides to use at home, ongoing expert advice and support.

Get in touch to begin curating your dog's bespoke training plan.

group classes

K9 Anytime offers group classes for all ages, stages and abilities. Join fellow parents on your training journey for fun and interactive  courses creating well rounded canine citizens.

Our Puppy Classes, Beginner Classes and IMDT Award Scheme Classes are weekly sessions including electronic guides for you to work on your new skills at home between and beyond classes.

Courses are held every month. You can see which dates are coming up on our Facebook events page.

social walks

A chance for dogs of all ages to blow off some steam. Perfect recall not required due to our large, fully enclosed play area.

Enjoy an off lead play session with other dogs and fellow parents at our own Indoor Play Arena and local woodland.