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K9 Anytime 4-STEP programme

The K9 Anytime 4 STEP Programme is a specifically designed schedule aimed to make the very most out of the hours you have to spend away from your dog. The programme incorporates Socialisation, Training, Exercise & Play to create a well rounded and balanced day which every dog will enjoy in any one visit to K9 Anytime. These four areas constitute your dog's most essential needs, one or two of which often get neglected on a regular day.

You'll pick your dog up from K9 Anytime's Doggy Daycare knowing they have had a super fun-filled day of socialisation, training, exercise and play, and safe in the knowledge that your dog is getting a generous dose of everything they need in every single visit.

A dog sitting home alone alone all day can develop frustrating and unhealthy habits, but when their hours are filled with engaging and stimulating activities, they're one step closer to becoming happier and healthier dogs, every day!

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K9 Anytime

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