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Winter Paw Care

So some serious snow has paid us a visit for the second time this winter, and while there’s few things better than wonderland walks with your furry family (perhaps other than the well earned nap afterwards!), we have to keep an extra close eye on our pups during these cold bursts.

One of the biggest dangers to your pups in winter is the salt sprayed on roads and drive ways and anti-freeze chemicals. These can cause soreness and burn paw pads, and if they lick their paws or your shoes following winter walks they can ingest these harmful deicing agents.

Massaging petroleum jelly or specifically designed paw protection products into their pads before heading out on a walk can help to shield their soft paws from harsh chemicals. Booties can offer the best defence against injury to your dog's paws against almost all dangers out there, minimising contact with salt, chemicals, ice and snow collecting on the hair and sharp objects concealed under snow. Keeping the hair short between the toes and around the pads will also help to prevent ice, snow and harmful chemicals clinging to it.

Cleaning off paws (and your own shoes) after a winter walk will help to reduce the chance of your dog ingesting any harmful chemicals they may have picked up along the way, and stop these products from sitting on the paws and causing potential soreness and harm. Washing and towelling off their paws when you get back home is a great idea, followed by moisturising to keep sore paws at bay.

Check your pup’s paws regularly for cracks, bleeding, sore skin and between the toes for anything that might be causing discomfort or damage. Your pup shouldn't be spending too long outdoors, keeping walks shorter and more frequent is advised over long walks, and, where possible, keep to grassy and snow covered areas away from roads and pavements. You can also choose pet safe deicing products to do your part in helping to make walks safer for pets during the winter months.

Although the UK is no stranger to some chilly weather, the recent minus temperates and all this white stuff are still a novelty, and extra vigilance never goes amiss - now go and enjoy that snow!

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