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Health Benefits of Living with a Dog

They’re good to us, and they’re good for us! Dogs make us feel great, create boundless happiness, provide unconditional love, and there’s plenty of ways that they’re even good for us on the inside, too.

Introducing a dog into your home introduces new routines and habits for the whole household. Walking your dog isn’t just the all important bonding and play time together or necessary toilet breaks, it gets pawrents outdoors and active, and much more likely to reach their exercise targets without it seeming like a chore.

Studies have suggested that growing up around furry friends might decrease susceptibility to allergies and toughen up the immune system, and that pups’ presence in the home can decrease blood pressure, chance of depression and loneliness. A better social life has also been attributed to dog ownership - dogs act as “social catalysts”, and pawrents with pups are more likely to chat with fellow dog lovers on walks as a result.

There have even been instances where dogs have detected cancer and low blood sugar levels, soothed Alzheimer’s, and they continually provide social, emotional and physical therapy, rehabilitation and support across a wide spectrum of conditions

. On the whole, it’s suggested that dog owners are healthier than the average person and pays fewer visits to the doctor.

Finally, they’re good for your heart. Dogs have been linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and triglyceride, reduced risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease - which together mean some very happy and healthy hearts.

So although we could already feel it, its great to know the incredible, often invisible effects our furry family have on us without us even noticing. So here’s to our hounds - thanks for the health and happiness!

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