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Your Dog's Collar

Getting the right collar for your dog is more important than just your favourite colour and an ID tag, but vital to ensure their comfort, safety, and security. The following tips are a good start to choosing what’s best for your furry family.

The collar should sit an inch or two below the head and you should be able to fit two fingers beneath it. Too tight and it will cause discomfort and pose various risks, too loose and it can slip off or get caught on things during play. The collar should be appropriate for their size and weight, particularly important when on lead and walking. Be especially sure to check your growing puppy’s collar regularly and adjust it accordingly - they grow faster than you think!

If your dog is very active, this is also an important factor to consider. They must wear a properly fitted collar that poses no risks of catching or coming off. Less active dogs can be more suited to more decorative collars, as they might be at less risk of becoming entangled on any embellishments (or in fact spoiling the collar you spent your money on!) However, another factor to consider, despite your dog’s level of activity, is their coat type. Longer, thicker haired breeds should be careful of a collar tangling or knotting in the fur, causing pain and even injury and infection.

The material and make of your dog’s collar can also determine how well it fits them physically as well as suiting their lifestyle. Does your dog swim? Do they sprint? Do they sit? Do they slather themselves in mud at every opportunity? These are just some examples of things to consider when choosing the material, style, fastening and purpose of your dog’s collar.

There are infinite styles out there, and so taking the time to properly research what would be your pooch's perfect fit will make sure your best friend is as comfortable and safe as possible on a daily basis.

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