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Does your Dog Eat Poop?

Let’s get down to business - in every sense of the word.

So, your dog eats poop. Sometimes its own, sometimes someone else's - the simple fact remains, and there’s no way we can really dress it up except for using its official name (yes, there is a proper term for poop-eating), and that’s coprophagia. Though it’s not something us humble humans are used to, it’s not so uncommon to the nifty noses of our pups, and there are a number of potential reasons why your pup's palette prefers the stinky stuff:

  • Nutrients. Some think pups turn to poop in search of nutrients which are lacking from their diet. It can also be an indication that your pup is experiencing mal-absorption of nutrients or deficiencies in their digestive system or digestive enzymes.

  • A learned behaviour. Your pup might have seen another, perhaps older dog doing it, and didn’t want to miss out!

  • Habit. Sometimes it can be a habit which they have come to enjoy, which can be tricky to break. It might also be that they associate going to the toilet as a bad behaviour and so are hiding 'evidence'.

  • Play. Sometimes dogs will play with their poo in the absence of other toys.

  • They like the taste. Upsetting, we know.

How to nip coprophagia in the bum. We mean bud:

  • Make sure your dog is well exercised and mentally stimulated. Bored dogs who spend a lot of time unengaged and sedentary could be more likely to develop such habits. Attending daycare during the week is a great way to keep your dog active and stimulated while there's no-one at home. Avoiding spending long periods alone, playing with other furry friends and having human interaction and supervision can work wonders for a variety of behavioural bumps which occur as a result of them being bored, lonely or frustrated.

  • Take a look at their diet to make sure they’re getting the right vitamins and enough of them. Addressing your pup’s diet with a nutritional expert could find the route of any dietary issues which may be causing them to seek the smelly snacks.

  • There are coprophagia deterrent products available as well as some foods which can be added to a meal which apparently make the resulting poop less appealing.

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