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Why Isn’t Your Dog Socialised?

Socialisation is a vastly important component of a dog’s happy and healthy lifestyle from a young age right through adulthood. It can allow them to live their best, most relaxed, most enriched life possible and yet so many people fail to get their dogs mixing with other pups and people on a regular basis. This blog will cover the following:

  • Combatting Fear

  • Better Vet Checks & Perfect Preening

  • Confidence is Key

  • Health & Happiness

Summer was made for socialising, so what better time to get your dog hanging out with other happy hounds? K9 Anytime has a strong ethic encouraging & developing social & well mannered dogs, as pups who spend regular time in other dogs’ company go on to reap rewards in many other aspects of life as a result. Many dogs who attend K9 Anytime have reported improved confidence, better health & fitness, enjoying more balanced time at home & better behaviour.

Combatting Fear

Dogs who aren’t accustomed to experiencing new dogs, people and environments can experience fear on a regular basis, setting off the release of a number of unhelpful, unhealthy hormones which make them the opposite from happy! K9 Anytime helps pups suffering from nervousness with slow integration into groups who fit their energy & play style perfectly.

Better Vet Checks & Perfect Preening

Should your pup need medical attention or some beauty treatment, unsocialised dogs will often find this stressful. If they aren’t used to meeting, let alone being touched by, new people, visiting new environments, experiencing new equipment or sounds, this will complicate keeping your hound healthy. Dogs who aren’t at ease and happy at the vets or groomers pose danger to themselves & the staff working with them.

Confidence is Key

A well socialised dog is pretty happy, with pretty much everything - patrolling new places, meeting new mates, soaking up new sights & sounds, and is happy for their pawrents to, too! In turn, this can help with a variety of behavioural bumps such as excessive barking, being territorial & plenty more. This will also allow you, the pawrents, to roam around with the furry friend in tow without a worry in the world.

Health & Happiness

Dogs aren’t the type to sit around ‘avin a cuppa with their furry friends (though they probably won’t say no to the biscuits). When dogs get together, it’s a real party - but this can’t be achieved from hiding between Mum or Dad’s legs. K9 Anytime welcomes social dogs for days of off lead play in a safe and secure environment, and boy do they play! Dogs who enjoy play time with other pooches end the day tired & happy, having used their energy bounding around rather than feeling stressed, eliminating boredom, frustration, sofa chewing tendencies & more!

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