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BBQ Foods Dangerous for your Dog

We’ve been spoiled with the perfect summer weather for 2 weeks and counting, and it doesn’t look like it's coming to an end any time soon! As soon as British summer hits, we’re dusting off the trusty old barbecue ready for lazy sunny Sundays swapping roasts for ribs and burgers. Now, we all love to share a sneaky snack or two with our pups, but while we might assume that meat feast BBQs are fur baby friendly, there are some big No-No’s which you MUSTN’T share with them, no matter how nicely they ask.


Dogs. Bones. It seems natural, right? Wrong. Any bones, any size, from any meat - and especially cooked bones - pose a choking hazard and are at risk of splitting and splintering, causing internal punctures, bleeding and even poisoning.


Perfect on a hot dog. Poisonous for the real ones.

Corn on the Cob

The small pieces of corn can cause blockages in the intestines.

Ice cream

Allergies and stomach upset can be set off by milk based foods.

Too Much Fat

While a bite or two of fatty BBQ meats like burgers, steaks or sausages won’t hurt, overdoing it can cause upset stomachs, pancreatitis and can be very harmful.


If you’re going all out on the topping selection, be sure to keep them clear of guacamole. Avocado, garlic and onion are NOT dog friendly.


Big fat NO!

Other pup friendly BBQ tips include:

  • Dogs, like the rest of us, can get very excited at the prospect of a sausage sarnie or hot dog on a warm summer’s evening. Cutting up sausages and other larger pieces of meat avoids choking hazards.

  • Make sure guests know not to feed the dog. If everyone at your BBQ is sneaking a snack to the dog, you won’t know what they’ve been given, and you’re going to have an over-fed and potentially very poorly pooch.

  • Limit their fat, salt & sugar intake. Too much of any of these is only causing your pup harm and can even be fatal.

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