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Puppies at K9 Anytime

Puppies are welcome at K9 Anytime! Introducing your puppy to new pups, people and places early on is pivotal to their balanced upbringing and their happy and healthy adult life.

Puppies at K9 Anytime socialise with our very best role models under our close supervision, where they will watch and learn from a hand picked group of our well rounded and well behaved K9 Anytimers.

As they play and interact with dogs of all ages, breed, shapes & sizes, your pup will become accustomed to the world around them (& everyone in it!), reducing fear of the 'unknown' in everyday situations.

When your dog has a wealth of experience with other dogs and people in new environments, it greatly reduces the chances of them experiencing stress or anxiety when coming into contact with others out in the big wide world.

So what are you waiting for? Kick start your puppy's socialisation with their first trip to K9 Anytime. Call us to book their pre play induction TODAY!

K9 Anytime

Doggy Daycare & Luxury Dog Hotel

Shifnal, Shropshire

TF11 9ES


01952 730333

Shifnal | Bridgnorth | Telford | Wolverhampton | Shrewsbury

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