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K9 Anytime Indoor Arena

You know, our Indoor Arena isn't just perfect for those rainy days to keep paws sparkling and fluffy bums dry.

If this summer shapes up to be anything like last (please don't let this jinx it...) we and our K9 Anytimers should be lucky enough to actually enjoy a British summer in 2019!

Our Indoor arena provides the perfect covered space for playtime, opening out into the astroturf garden for some sunshine and enjoying the fresh air from inside in the cool shade.

Did you know? Thanks to its insulation and barn structure, our Indoor Arena's temperature always remains around 18 degrees celsius. Perfect for snuggles in winter, for shade in summer!

K9 Anytime

Doggy Daycare & Luxury Dog Hotel

Shifnal, Shropshire

TF11 9ES


01952 730333

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