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Concrete or Countryside?

Your pup spends their days curled up in your home, infront of the fire, stretched out on the rug, maybe sneaking onto the sofa (or even sometimes into your bed...!) So why are we still seeing daycares and boarding facilities covered in concrete and filled with cages?! We still can't understand why we aren't seeing more of, well, people like us!

K9 Anytime Doggy Daycare gives your pup a day in the great outdoors, playing free in the Shropshire countryside, coming inside at nap time to snuggly central heating, sofas, blankets, classical music and very good company - just like they have at home!

K9 Anytime

Doggy Daycare & Luxury Dog Hotel



TF11 9ES


Telford | Shrewsbury | Wolverhampton | Shifnal | Bridgnorth

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