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What do I need to bring with me?

At K9 Anytime Luxury Dog Hotel, we've got it covered. From memory foam beds and blankets to toys and treats, K9 Anytime Luxury Dog Hotel can provide everything and anything your dog might need during their stay with us.

The only compulsory thing for parents to bring is enough food for their pup's stay with us at K9 Anytime Luxury Dog Hotel. We would never give anything to your dog that might not agree with them, nor would we expect them to eat anything they don't enjoy. Keeping their diet the same while they're staying with us keeps up with their routine, avoids upset stomachs and means that they get to enjoy their favourite daily meals.

You are more than welcome to bring as much or as little of your pooch's favourite things as you like - some of our K9 Anytimers arrive with their dressing gown and slippers, some turn up with a tupperware of supper!

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