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K9 Anytime Isolation Activity Box - NHS PPE Fundraiser

Does your dog need MORE during isolation? As we find ourselves spending more time indoors with limited access to our favourite walks and restrictions on our regular routines, our dogs are really starting to feel the effects of LOCKDOWN. ❗️With 100% of proceeds donated to the NHS for much needed Personal Protective Equipment, K9 Anytime have compiled an Activity Box to keep your pups occupied during these difficult times. Your Box includes: - Lickimat - hours of occupation as your pooch works hard for something tasty - Lickimat Sprinkles - but what do I put on my Lickimat, we hear you cry. Start off with your Lickimat Sprinkles - Rustic Rope Tug Toy - chew alone or tug together - Buffalo Horn Chew - fill it with something delicious or crunch it as it comes - Billy & Margot Treats - you've been watching K9 Anytime's Lockdown Training Guides, haven't you? Reward that hard work with something delicious - Be:Loved Shampoo Bar - give your pup a spa day and your own paws a little TLC, too - Training tips & some light K9 Anytime reading ❗️FREE DELIVERY ❗️100% of proceeds donated to NHS for PPE

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