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Why K9 Anytime Grooming?

K9 Anytime offers grooming like you've never seen it before. Here to revolutionise the face of dog grooming as we know it today, K9 Anytime have created the new wave in canine coat care.

Exchanging stainless steel and plastic for Indian and Italian marble, the bespoke handcrafted interior caters to individual needs from floor to ceiling. Etched forest green marble is non slip and sound absorbent, paired with soft flow shower heads for a quiet and calm cleanse. An elevated bath and open walk in shower welcome dogs of all sizes, ages and agilities, eliminating unnecessary climbing or lifting and free from enclosed, restrictive and intimidating spaces.

Marble steps and baths are sand etched, honed and finished with anti-slip seal for a safe spa experience promoting comfort and confidence underfoot. Soft flow shower heads fall quietly on the marble baths, eliminating unnecessary noise for a near silent shower experience. Open plan design promotes calm without confined spaces and ensures dogs are safe and secure without force.

Particularly poignant in the current climate, K9 Anytime Grooming is disinfectable from floor to ceiling.

An environment they know with people they trust. Schedule their groom during a play day with friends followed by relaxing in a cage free luxury bedroom.

Combine a quick spruce or the full works with the excitement and anticipation of a day at Doggy Daycare, saving you time and keeping your dog happy and relaxed.

The UK's first grooming establishment with exclusive use of ARTERO UK products, from the creators of internationally renowned hairdressing equipment and products.

From deep conditioning keratin treatments to coat specific, skin considerate shampoos and a wide range of luxurious extras, indulge your dog in a spa experience you'd envy yourself.

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