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Why should I groom my short haired dog?

While they might not be in the market for a coiffured fringe or voluminous curls, our short haired friends need some serious coat care, too. A quick rinse after a muddy winter walk might do the job, but are you caring for your dog's short hair the way it needs? Read on for the benefits of short coat grooming.


Professional washing, brushing and treating a short coat will remove dead hair, distribute natural oils, improve circulation and keep skin healthy. This means less itching and scratching, more shining and less dog hair on your best work trousers!


Proper acclimatisation and habituation to brushing turns a chore into a pleasure. When your dog enjoys being brushed, it's stress relieving and relaxing for them, and is proven to lower blood pressure and anxiety in humans.


Professional groomers will be able to detect any health concerns for your dog. Coat and skin condition, allergies, lumps, bumps, scratches or sores and general body condition can all be inspected during a professional groom. For example, a simple nail trim can analyse your dog's gait and uncover joint displasia or muscle wastage. SOCIALISATION

We often think of socialisation as how our dog interacts with other dogs, but it also means how well accustomed they are to a variety of environments, sights, sounds, smells, humans and experiences - during grooming these include water, baths, brushing, nail trimming, driers, full body handling and meeting new humans. Even if your dog doesn't need a cut & colour every 6 weeks, it's a great idea to have them groomed regularly to enrich their repertoire of experiences away from you, making them confident, balanced and reliable in as many situations as possible.

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