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All you need is TUBS

Did you know, all you need to start your dog's raw feeding journey as soon as tomorrow is in 1 tub? A Turkey tub, that is.

If you've been thinking about making the switch from kibble to raw, there is absolutely no time like the present, and it couldn't be simpler! Starting with just one flavour, turkey, your dog can switch from their current food to raw right away, with no need to incrementally introduce their new favourite dinner or "wean" them off the old.

A simple protein such as Turkey is suitable for almost every tummy, is hypoallergenic without being too rich (such as Venison or Beef) while equally delicious.

Raw food portions are calculated on your dog's body weight, and you should be feeding them 2-3% of their weight (or target weight if they're watching their waist) per day. It's important to watch their portions, as it's easy to be lulled into the false sense that they "need more", because the bowl is normally empty in seconds! If your dog is used to crunching their way through dry biscuits and lapping up a bowl of water alongside each meal, it will seem unusual that they wolf their meals in a fraction of the time, and barely take a few gulps of water to finish up. This is because the moisture content of raw food is drastically greater, and the additives, flavourings, fats and preservatives are practically nil in comparison to kibble.

So, what are we waiting for? Dive into the Pantry at K9 Anytime and snap up their new favourite food. Click here to head straight to where you need to go!


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