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Appropriate Play with your Dog

Play time is an ideal way to work towards your dog's daily exercise goals as well as spend some quality time together, but it's important that your playtime is safe and within appropriate boundaries.

Some dogs can get over excited when they play which can lead to impulsive and unpredictable behaviour or play aggression. It's important to stop a game before it gets to that point, and should be stopped if it does. Walking away from the game immediately gives your dog a clear signal that his behaviour was inappropriate and was the reason the game ended. Dogs use their mouths to play with other dogs, but deliberate or accidental contact with teeth on skin with you should similarly stop play immediately.

Refrain from engaging in rough play with your dog, particularly if you have children in your household. Dogs do not distinguish between children and adults, and if they are used to playing rough with you, they will also play roughly with children they meet - a dangerous game, indeed.

Throwing a ball, finding hidden toys or playing hide and seek are some games that dogs love, are a lot safer than rough play and which children can safely play with adult supervision.

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