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Beat the Heat with a seasonal cut - K9 Anytime | Grooming

The heat's not letting up and summer's only just starting...

If you haven't already, it's high time your dog booked in their summer cut to help them cope with the continuing warm weather. Well adjusted and accustomed to UK climate for the large majority of the year, heat waves and warm spikes are felt acutely by the Brits, and only more so their dogs.

Your dog's most comfortable cut will depend on their size, breed and hair type, and that by no means means a short back and sides for everyone.

Hand stripping, scissor cutting, close clipping and coat thinning are just some of the options on the menu for your dog to keep cool and comfortable this summer, with zero compromise on style, finish or effect.

Nail and paw care are particularly important as your dog takes to warmer and drier ground underfoot in the summer months. Add a Nail Trim, Smooth File, Paw Massage & Tidy to their baths or grooms to keep their feet ship shape, free from hidden grass seeds, well moisturised and protected from the weather to see them through until September.

Call 01952 730333 or email today to book your dog's urgent Summer appointment.


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