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Benefits of Dog Ownership

Okay, it seems obvious. Dogs are just practically perfect in every way. But did you know there's even science behind why dogs are so great to have in our lives?

Our Hearts

A study showed that dog owners' heart rates and blood pressure were lower during rest periods than those who were petless, and an astounding 94% of dog owning heart patients survive heart attacks.

Our Minds

Therapy dogs are increasingly popular in care homes, as they can help to soothe agitation and increase social interaction. Being responsible for a pet also maintains routine, alleviates loneliness and isolation.

Our Nerves

While human relationships can entail a minefield of tensions and stress, calm and quiet time spent with a dog can do the exact opposite. Sitting and stroking your dog or taking a relaxing walk together is the recipe for tranquility and peace.

Our Bodies

Dog ownership can transform our activity levels - giving us an instant reason to need to head outside on a daily basis and get moving. A daily walk is not only essential for our dogs, but is achievable by the vast majority of us irrespective of age or fitness levels.

Our Sociability

Have you noticed, it's easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow dog owner? You bump into someone on your daily walk and suddenly the conversation is flowing. Our dogs have the ability to connect us to complete strangers in ways that we might not do did we not have them alongside us. Meeting other dogs on walks is of course hugely beneficial for our dogs themselves, particularly if you are parent to just one dog at home!


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