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Connection is everything | K9 Anytime Training ______________________________ You & your dog’s training journey can’t start until there’s mutual respect, understanding & trust between you. Training takes time, patience, consistency and commitment, and K9 Anytime Training are ready and waiting to guide your dog (but most importantly, you!) along their new behavioural path. Showing up and keeping going day in and day out is the secret to progressive and steady success - the responsibility, and results, are in our human hands only. Your dog is ready to grow, but they can only go so far as you take them…


LOOSE LEAD WALKING - WATCH Did you know that the best way to create the gravitational pull between you and your dog when practicing lead walking and recall is to create the illusion there is no pull there at all?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but slackening the lead when you anticipate your dog pulling in fact stops them having the opportunity to pull in the first place. This starts to break the cycle of pressure and tension on the lead, relaxing and reframing their lead walking skills, removing tension from the behaviour and improving their own positive decision making.

Watch Ozzy become interested in the gentleman in the background. As we anticipate his distraction, we slacken the lead and use only verbal instruction, and he gladly obliges by his own volition, without a tense lead in sight!


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