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Following Sunday's address and the ever changing face of Coronavirus and Lockdown, K9 Anytime shares the following updates and advice with our community:

  • K9 Anytime's COVID SECURE PROTOCOLS remain firmly in place.

  • RESOCIALISATION Be sensitive when introducing your dog to others after a period of little to no socialisation. At Doggy Daycare you can rest assured your dog will settle back into socialising at their own pace, in a secure and professional environment with only social, suitable and safe dogs.

  • SEPARATION ANXIETY Having spent up to 8 weeks by your side, your return to work or your usual schedule might arouse anxiety in your dog once left alone. Teaching them how to SETTLE at home can aid this transition immensely. If you're concerned about leaving them for extended periods, K9 Anytime Doggy Daycare is open from 7:00am-7:00pm to keep them active, occupied and socialised as you head back to work.

  • WEIGHT AND EXERCISE Seeing your pup every day can make it difficult to detect fluctuations in their health or weight, but after longer periods at home and potentially limited exercise during lockdown it's important to reassess if anything has changed. If your pup has gained weight or been unable to enjoy extended exercise, address and adapt their diet if necessary and where possible, and let us take care of the rest. Unlimited outdoor off lead exercise with fellow furry friends will give your dog the chance to blow off some steam, shift those extra pounds and have a tonne of fun in the process.

We look forward to seeing some of your greatly missed familiar faces very soon.


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