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Dangers of not Socialising your Dog

A dog who hasn’t had many positive new experiences is likely to be frightened of new and unfamiliar things, such as people, other dogs, new noises, and even those which pose no real threat at all like a carrier bag in the wind or a garden statue. This fear of the unknown can manifest into huge anxiety about anyone, anything and everything they have never met, seen or heard before and unwillingness to experience anything new.

As a result of not knowing how to cope with this generalised fear and stress, unsocialised dogs can then act defensively or display aggression in order to keep what it is they're finding scary at bay. It can also make handling difficult, as a dog that isn't used to regular contact and interaction with equipment like grooming brushes or nail clippers can see these things as strange and threatening, and can result in unnecessary trips to the vets for routine maintenance which could be done at home.

An under socialised dog's world is very small, as beyond the comfort of their 4 walls is a scary place full of insurmountable phobia and obstacles. Socialisation is compulsory in order for your dog to enjoy a balanced and fear-free life, to be comfortable around dogs and humans, to explore new places and environments. Think of the hills to be climbed, pet shops to be treated in and new human and furry friends to meet - all being missed out on by simple steps not being met from a young age!

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