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Did you know? | Play Sneezing in Dogs

A "play sneeze" in dogs is a term used to describe a specific behaviour exhibited by some dogs during play or moments of excitement. It's not a true sneeze in response to irritation or allergies, but rather a playful and often exaggerated gesture. Here's what a play sneeze typically looks like:

Rapid Succession: Play sneezes typically involve a series of rapid, repeated sneeze-like sounds or expirations. These sounds can be similar to a real sneeze but are often quieter and more deliberate.

Context: Play sneezes usually occur during playful interactions with other dogs or humans. They are often seen when dogs are engaged in activities they find enjoyable, such as wrestling, chasing, or roughhousing.

Communication: Play sneezes are thought to be a form of communication between dogs. They may signal that the dog is feeling relaxed, comfortable, and in a playful mood. It can be a way for dogs to indicate that their actions are not aggressive but rather part of a friendly game.

Playfulness: The key characteristic of play sneezes is that they are associated with positive emotions and playfulness. Dogs that engage in play sneezing are typically having fun and enjoying their interactions.

Play sneezes are generally harmless and shouldn't be a cause for concern. They are just one of the many ways dogs communicate with each other and with humans during play. It's important for dog owners to be attuned to their dog's body language and behaviour to ensure that play remains safe and enjoyable for all parties involved. Is your dog a happy sneezer?


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