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Happy Earth Day 2022

K9 Anytime promotes natural behaviour in a natural environment, where open and safe spaces engage your dog’s natural instincts to roam, sniff, explore, play, socialise and more.

We live in a world where every mod con you didn’t know you needed is available at the click of a button for next day delivery, but have you ever considered taking it back to basics? Our dogs are as simple creatures as they are complex, and ticking just their 5 fundamental needs (food, water, shelter, exercise and socialisation) each day makes for a happy and healthy companion.

In our natural soft stone and straw paddocks, fallen trees from the Welsh hills make leapfrogs and bum perches, and local farmers’ used tractor tyres make vantage points and roundabouts. Simple, spacious, scent filled playgrounds form the basis of a day’s adventure at K9 Anytime, where dogs can learn from one another, gain independence and confidence and work on their essential social and behavioural skills.

From recyclable and reusable poly boxes and paper bags in the Pantry to environmentally friendly soap that cleans our dogs' bowls, K9 Anytime is committed to improving our systems and resources to give back to our beautiful natural surroundings, fitting in to our slice of the Shropshire countryside with as little disruption as possible.

Dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes mix together in each group decided by energy and play style, as puppies watch their older counterparts to lead the way, and all realms of the social spectrum bounce off and compliment one another (& even help break a bad habit or two along the way!)

Bird feeders welcome our local neighbouring wildlife to share our space and our natural planted scent boxes give our dogs an abundance of smells and textures to explore as nature intended.

Welcome to K9 Anytime, where dogs can be dogs.


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