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Has your dog got the guts?

Dogs' short digestive systems process their food intake quickly and efficiently. Keeping this process short in this way helps to reduce the threat of bacteria growing and developing. Their digestive systems are neither designed nor equipped to deal with highly processed meats, grains and fillers. They don't even possess the digestive enzymes to break down grains, putting the pancreas into overdrive as it tries to compensate for that which the dog's body is not evolutionarily designed.

As it passes, dry kibble absorbs moisture from the gut, leading to diarrhoea, bowel problems, chronic dehydration, crystals and even kidney disease. On the contrary, feeding a BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet, comprising of meat, organ, offal, bone and tissue, dogs' digestive systems work as nature intended, naturally, comfortably and without exertion.

Dogs can digest raw food more completely than cooked meat, leaving less waste during digestion, meaning less poop for you to scoop! A sign of a healthy gut it fewer, smaller and harder stools that can be picked up in one go and, believe it or not, which are dramatically less smelly than kibble fed dogs (and can even have no smell at all!)


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