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Introducing a New Puppy to your dogs: PART 1

A few quick tips to introducing your new puppy to your current dogs.

Let the puppy investigate them, but don't allow the puppy to annoy them. They are often easy to distract with toys and fuss, so if you see your current dogs getting a little miffed by their new housemate, bring them away and allow them space. Building their new relationship will, just like with humans, take time. Don’t expect your adult dogs to take to a puppy straight away. Some do, but most don’t.

Don’t expect your puppy to know that they aren't allowed to pinch other dogs' food, they won’t know, and it could be a source of conflict and you don’t want the older dogs have negative associations with the puppy. The same applies to chews, treats and toys. If your current dog doesn't like sharing, make sure they are separate.

Build positive associations with the new puppy for your current dogs. For example, puppies eat much more regularly until around 3 months, so every time your puppy eats a meal, let your other dogs have a treat.

Babies cry when they need something, as do puppies. It's their distress signal, sending out a message that they need something, and if you ignore your puppy's cry, they will give up asking for help. Your puppy feeling stressed and crying can also impact your current dogs, as they begin to feel anxious about the puppy crying, too.


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