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K9 Anytime vs. the Traditional Kennel

You're going on holiday. You've got everything planned from your hotel, to your flights, to your first cocktail on the beach. Now all you've got left to do is book your dog's holiday for while you're away. We've put together a quick guide of important factors to consider.

Tours of the premises

“You should physically see the space your pet will be kept in, and the staff should want you to see it and be proud of it,” says executive director and founder of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA). “If they aren’t happy to show you the facilities, no matter how many good reviews they have, I wouldn’t leave my pet there.” K9 Anytime: You can call us to arrange a tour of our Doggy Daycare & Luxury Hotel anytime! Pawrents always come down to take a good look around all of our indoor and outdoor areas and bedrooms before their dog stays with us.

The Smell

Accidents happen, it happens to the best of us, but there's no reason for a facility to smell. It's an instant indication of uncleanliness, substandard hygiene practices and in turn an unsuitable environment for your dog to safely stay.

K9 Anytime: We smell. And we smell darn good. All of our cleaning products are pet friendly and the entire premises is cleaned head to tail everyday and between all residents in each bedroom.

No Vaccination Paperwork

If you're not asked for proof of up to date vaccination records when taking your reservation, this should be a red flag. If no dogs at the premises have been checked to make sure they're vaccinated, your dog is at instant risk of contracting illness and even disease.

K9 Anytime: We'll ask upon your first enquiry about your dog's vaccinations and medical details. Every single dog who attends K9 Anytime for any amount of time has had their vaccination details checked by us. 

Untrained Staff

We wouldn't leave our children with untrained teachers at school, so why should it be any different with our dogs? A lack of knowledge and experience can not only be dangerous, but is also preventing dogs from having the best possible experience if their needs cannot be properly understood and met.

K9 Anytime: A MSc in Canine cognition (University of St Andrews), a BSc in Animal Behaviour, Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Accreditation and over 10 years of experience in dog handling and behaviour and, believe it or not, more.


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