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Little & Big

Often, small dog owners are fearful of their little friend getting hurt, scooping them up to avoid any danger and giving larger dogs a very wide berth to protect them at all costs, but here's the secret; big dogs and small dogs can be friends!

alaskan malamute and chihuahua together paw on nose

A key step in making this possible is for the little dog to be happy around bigger dogs. It's easy to keep your dog limited to the dogs they, and you, know well, and some dogs don't even enjoy any fellow dog company, but this doesn't do anything for their socialisation. Socialising them at daycare gives them the chance to meet dogs that they might not have met (or rather, that their parents didn't allow them to meet) otherwise, of all shapes, sizes and breeds in a safe and closely monitored environment.

Little dogs who are used to and confident around big dogs are less likely to land in trouble when meeting bigger dogs. It's also your responsibility as parent to recognise the signs of a dog, no matter the size, who might not want to meet yours. Loose and waggy whole body language is generally a good sign, stiffness and stillness is not.


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