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Maximise time with your dog

Dog parentship is a big responsibility. You're caring and providing for another life and it can sometimes be stressful balancing their needs alongside your responsibilities, making sure they're getting the right amount of the right stuff, enriching, enhancing and doing everything you "should" be doing.

Sometimes dog owners get so swept up in just trying to make sure they're exercised, tired, and full at the end of the day, in-between rushing to and from work and other commitments, that they're losing sight of what it is your dog actually wants and needs; and that's quality time with their humans.

Including your dog in as much of your life as possible is a simple way to maximise on the meaningful time you get to spend together, even alongside a full time job, children or hectic schedules. Whether that be them sleeping in your room, eating their dinner alongside you rather than alone, taking them along with you to visit friends, neighbours, Grandmas or just the postman, going to dog friendly pubs and so on, if your dog gets to do it with you, there's a high chance they're going to enjoy it! 

Let them explore the world with you whenever they can and find enjoyment in everyday tasks. Your relationship and trust builds and strengthens with time spent together.

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