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Online Training Class: Stop Lead Pulling

Is your dog a persistent puller? If your dog has lost control on the lead and is taking you for a walk instead, it's time to revisit some of the basics of loose lead and heel walking.

Your walk should be enjoyable for the both of you, and shouldn't end in yanking on the lead from either of you, but be a harmonious and mutually respectful experience. Your dog should know that you are on the other end of that lead (& in an ideal heel walk, you shouldn't even feel that there's a lead in your hand!) and they in return should be rewarded for great behaviour - it is absolutely a two way street.

Every dog can learn how to walk well on lead, it is the humans who make the mistakes which lead to pulling, bouncing about and lunging. It's our job as humans to get our dogs to where we would like them to be - everything is possible with dedication and consistency!

Is this all sounding familiar? It's time to watch Episode 1: Stop Lead Pulling today!


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