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Online Training Class: Hassle Free Handling

Is your dog Houdini in a harness? Does brushing turn into an Olympic wrestling match? Is handling your dog in general a difficult and sometimes dangerous task?

If your dog disliked being touched in a certain way, is completely opposed to home grooming and impossible to get dressed for a walk then it's time to take a look at why they behave this way and how to overcome it.

As a parent to a long or curly haired breed, it is absolutely essential for your dog's health and comfort that you are able to perform essential and necessary brushing and coat care at home. However, if your dog makes this difficult by being unable to keep still or if they warn, growl or snap at you in your efforts to do so, both you and your dog are at risk of getting hurt and upset in the process.

Learning how to handle your dog safely and cooperatively in a way which is easy and enjoyable for you both is crucial to keep you both safe, calm and happy in a variety of circumstances and Episode 10: Hassle Free Handling is just the ticket to get you there!


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