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Online Training Class: Recall

One of the joys of dog ownership is the walks; exploring your local countryside, finding their favourite spots and heading out on adventures together into the world. The quality of your walks, however, can go quickly downhill with bad on lead manners and non existent off lead recall. You end up with a frustrated dog who spends all their walks stuck to their human, and a human who is tired of being dragged about left and right as their dog tries to defy the confines of the lead. The perfect balance is a dog who walks well on the lead and is rewarded for doing to with off lead freedom and exploration, ending with a swift recall to head back onto lead for home time - everybody wins!

Off lead control is an essential skill to make sure your dog gets to make the most of their walks, remaining safe and within an appropriate distance from you at all times. Any dog can learn a strong and reliable recall, but a key obstacle to getting your dog to off lead level can be your own confidence. We humans have a tendency to panic as soon as the lead unclips, which can translate to our dogs and put them on edge, too. Once a calm and confident atmosphere disintegrates, so can communication and your chances of recall success.

It's time to master the tools you need to build up a strong recall, give your dog the freedom to roam and yourself the confidence to adventure alongside them with Episode 7: Recall.


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