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Online Training Class: Scentwork

Scentwork is a fantastic activity for you and your dog to enjoy together, as your dog expands their skills repertoire and you learn something new about them in the process.

Masters of sniffing, our dogs love to follow their noses. We can teach them to harness their supersonic sniffing skills with a specific cue to send them out in search of something using only their nose for guidance. It is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated and occupied (as well as tire them out!) and a new way to explore spending time at home. Learning new skills together is a great way to broaden both of your horizons and strengthen the communication bond between you, and what begins in the house or garden can be levelled up to a new activity for the garden or on your walks!

If you and your dog are looking for an engaging and intelligent new game to dive into together, Episode 8: Scentwork is the task for you!


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