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Positive Reinforcement Training

K9 Anytime Dog Training School uses Positive Reinforcement Training to achieve you and your pup’s goals. Positive reinforcement dog training is reward-based training, science-based training, force, fear and pain free.

Rewarding your dog when they do something that you like means that that behaviour is likely to be repeated as your dog learns that when they do those things, good things happen for them. By reinforcing these good behaviours, there’s less chance of them displaying bad behaviours which reap no reward.

Influencing your dog’s behaviour without the use of force or confrontation lessens your dog’s frustration and avoids breaking the dog’s trust in their parents through threatening treatment. Dogs who are taught by positive reinforcement are more tolerant, self controlled and behave much more predictably and consistent guidance from parents raises a confident dog.

The strongest relationships between dogs and humans are based on cooperation and kindness rather than on human dominance and animal submission. Using positive reinforcement when training your dog strengthens trust and the bond between you. If your dog feels positively about you, they will be happier, confident, better behaved, and more inclined to respond to you.


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