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Prepare your dog for life after lockdown

Many of us are eagerly anticipating the impending return to “normal” - but how do our dogs feel about it?

Having spent almost 2 months by our sides, well accustomed to the company and attention from their favourite people, humans returning to work can cause a minefield of anxiety, frustration and disruption. Suddenly they’re alone, with nothing to do but chew the sofa or worry about if and when their parents are ever coming back.

Before we’re given the all clear and before restrictions ease, now is your prime opportunity to prepare your dog for this change.

If your dog is used to spending their time at home by your side, it’s a good idea to begin to accustom them to settling down in a specific area away from you, even while you’re still at home.

Watch Episode 3 | SETTLE | Lockdown Training Guides to teach your dog to relax and spend time happily alone. Once they have mastered this vital skill, you can begin to get them to settle in their place as you work across the room, gradually increasing the distance between your workspace and their settle area, until you are able to work away in a different room, upstairs or even head outside, and they remain happily occupied on their own, stress free.

The longer you are able to spend apart now, even when you are both still at home for the moment, the smoother the transition back to full time work will be. It’s important to establish trust and consistency in their settle routine, so that they understand that spending time alone is enjoyable, and that their favourite human always returns at the end of it!


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