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Rethinking Dogs

K9 Anytime

Founded 2015

Our dogs mean more to us than ever, yet the canine care industry, so full as it is of noise, advice, products, accessories, must-dos and must-haves, is lacking in services that speak to dogs at their core and provide for their most elementary needs and rights.

K9 Anytime was born 8 years ago, determined to deliver services that raise the calibre of canine care to unprecedented heights, at the same time driving to revolutionise the way we see our dogs and to reconnect with them on a fundamental level.

K9 Anytime’s award winning facilities, rated 5* by Shropshire Council, provide a landscape where dogs can be dogs. Natural playgrounds pave the way for dogs to engage instinctive behaviours and primal senses; socialising, playing, sniffing and exploring through immersive learning, play, exercise and stimulation.

The core of K9 Anytime’s ethos is to make proper, safe and experienced socialisation available to all; where dogs can integrate, interact, learn and grow together with like minded dogs across a vast diversity of ages, sizes, personalities, temperaments and breeds, in turn populating our local communities with well mannered, well rounded and well balanced dogs.

K9 Anytime Grooming began its own revolution in 2020, where unparalleled skill works wonders in spectacular facilities. More than just hair care, your dog’s grooming experience at K9 Anytime combines a full body health check, routine maintenance and individually tailored client care wrapped up in a show stopping cut, every single time. The all marble salon was a bespoke design centered around providing a harmonious, luxurious and stress free grooming experience for all.

The Pantry at K9 Anytime abides by the same laws of purity and simplicity from the inside out, supplying raw, fresh, natural nutrition and feeding our dogs the way nature intended. The wave of dog parents prioritising their dogs’ nutritional health and wellbeing is turning away from additives, colourings, flavourings, preservatives and chemicals in their dog’s highly processed foods and transforming their lives from the very first bowl.

The Luxury Hotel combines active and stimulating days surrounded by other dogs and humans with silent nights’ sleep in the Shropshire countryside, as your dog enjoys their own rural retreat away from the busy human world beyond.

From the extroverts and people pleasers to those working through anxiety, overcoming disadvantaged upbringings or adjusting to new circumstances, K9 Anytime works with dogs and their parents to unleash their potential for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life through social, mental, physical and emotional fulfillment, uniting dogs from all walks of life through their one constant variable - being dogs.


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