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ROUNDUP: The K9 Anytime Dog Show & Country Festival

What a day!

Thousands of Shropshire's finest dogs gathered as the sun shone down on the K9 Anytime Dog Show & Country Festival 2023 for a dog centred day of outdoor pursuits, shopping and championship competition.

Lara the cocker, Echo the dane & Peaches the bulldog brought home the wins for their proud onlooking families headlining as the final top 3 in the Dog Show, while Connie championed the Fastest Dog Speed Lane and hundreds of others jumped on the photo stops for their time to shine on socials.

It was a delight to stand amongst the West Midlands' greatest dogs for a day of community, camaraderie and friendly competition as the K9 Anytime team oversaw the smooth running of Shropshire's greatest dog day out 2023.

Old friends and new faces graced the K9 Anytime central exhibition for advice, information and handfuls of tasty treats as always from our Daycare, Grooming, Training & The Pantry pop up displays.

Browse the gallery below to see the day underway and some of the happiest dogs in Shropshire doing what they do best - being dogs!


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