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Signs of STRESS during lockdown.

Lockdown. An unprecedented time for all of us. Including our dogs. On one hand, your dog may be thriving with having so much company at home and may be the happiest they’ve ever been! On the other, they may be struggling to adapt to change and their 'thresholds' may be lower. This blog looks to explore the latter.

Physical signs of stress during a situation:

- yawning (excessively) - whale eyes (whites of the eyes (the sclera) are distinctly visible)

- turning away

- tense body language

Physical signs of stress following a situation:

- "THE SHAKE OFF" - if your furry friend walks away from a situation and immediately 'does a shake off ' they may have found the interaction stressful.

Your dog may never have exhibited any of the behaviours listed above before, however this is a period of adaption for us all and we should never be complacent. Be a responsible owner and monitor your dog's behaviour to ensure they are comfortable in lockdown.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns please contact: Claire Corley Head Trainer K9 Anytime Dog Training School 07714252511


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